Thursday, 1 November 2012

All Saints' Day

I've probably nearly finished the first Doctor Who scarf. I'm not going to cast off now; I'm going to knit the other one and then see if I want to add to this one. I should be finished them both, but I haven't been knitting much.

It's longer than it looks in these photographs.

It's about three yards long but the garter stitch will stretch a lot and I dare say by the time a  boy has tied it around a lamp post and swung on it, it will be nearer four. I expect I will do fringes at the ends.

I bought an Addi 8mm circ, quite a short one again, and I'm using it with the KnitPro which doesn't seem so pointy now. I've got so many needles already that it hadn't occurred to me to buy an interchangeable set, plus I have a suspicion that the cord I needed would always be the one I couldn't find, but perhaps I should be more adventurous.

I won't be attempting to match the stripes in the second one, Joan. It's probably better if the boys can tell them apart easily, although they're cousins not brothers so the rivalry may not be too intense, and anyway it would do my head in.

My thoughts of knitting Cerulean have been supplanted by thoughts of knitting Boxy. The designer has hit on a way of giving the sweater a boxy shape without imposing it on the wearer as well; it's genius. It must be because of what she's done over the shoulders. Of course it's miles of stocking stitch on smallish needles but as long as it's lovely yarn, who cares? I've been looking for something like this since I decided that the collar of Slow Line was a swatch, and I still have those skeins of two shades of blue madeleinetosh Merino Light.

And I also fell in love with something Norwegian that I can't spell or pronounce which I shall call my Beatnik Sweater. I usually think garter switch sweaters are a bad idea for my current figure type because it stretches over all the wrong places and emphasises them, but the very open gauge on this pattern seems to avoid that. It looks particularly lovely in neutrals, I think, although I don't wear them very often apart from my beloved grey.

kmkat has beaten me to the new Henri film again, but here it is in case you missed it. He takes a very sombre view of Hallowe'en.

And if you need something to cheer you up after that, I can recommend this from the girls, and one boy, of Portland State University Department of Social Work,  via Feminist Ryan Gosling.

Very uplifting.


Lou said...

Henri and Ryan in one post. U ROCK!

Fiona said...

This really won't do, you know - I too have been re-thinking Cerulean, since Boxy became so popular. Seriously though - I always enjoy reading your posts, and this one is no exception. :)