Monday, 24 September 2012

Not a Lot

I didn't manage to get Rayures finished before I went to see the cat, and although I've finished the knitting since I got back there has been a strange lack of progress on the kitchener front. I did do a bit of wrestling with it, but the brain fog prevented any progress being made. (The first time I typed that, I typed 'barin fog', so you see what I'm up against. Sigh.)

 I didn't do much knitting while I was away. The cat was snuggling a lot and at first I thought this meant that she remembered me and I was very touched, but then I realized it was probably down to the cold weather. Cats are like that. I didn't get any lace knitting done at all, and only managed a few rounds of the turquoise Navigator. I still have about four inches to go before I start dividing for sleeves and so on.

Doctor Who scarves have become fashionable again and in a moment of rashness I asked one of my younger relations if he would like one for Christmas, expecting a polite rejection, but he was quite keen. I then realized that someone else might like one too so I asked him, and now I find myself having to knit two Doctor Who scarves in three months. You will remember that Doctor Who scarves are very long.

I'm not hugely concerned about matching the colours to this series or that, and won't be following a pattern, but I've spent an unfeasible amount of time looking for an acceptable (to me) yarn at an acceptable (low) price. It has to be chunky because I'm not one of Nature's scarf knitters, and it has to be wool, or mostly wool, because I couldn't bear to put all that effort into something that wasn't actually going to be warm. On the other hand, there's no point in paying a lot when there's always the chance it'll get left on the bus, is there?

I think I've identified an appropriate yarn on eBay and will report back. The last time I knitted a Doctor Who scarf was in the late 1970s for my then boyfriend's housemate but I don't think I persevered to any extreme length. I had better try harder this time. Perhaps I should knit them both at the same time, so that I don't crack up, or break down, half-way tyhrough the second one.

Cat videos
And finally, proof that cats are better than dogs. Not that we needed it.


Mary Lou said...

Ok, thanks. I nearly spewed tea on my iPad. Which would put me in the dog category I'm sure. I think I have to listen again.

Joan said...

Absolutely love that clip! Bon courage with all the scarf knitting. How will you keep from expiring of boredom?

Fiona said...

I have a request for a Doctor Who scarf as well - would be interested to hear what yarn you are considering?

The turquoise Navigator is coming on nicely and looking good!

Lynne Barr said...

Love the cat-versus-dog video. Even dog loving friends I've passed it along to have thought it's funny.