Monday, 12 December 2011

And Another One

This is all getting a bit samey. I'm sorry, but until I shake off the addiction, there's not much I can do about it. It's misfired this time, though.

I bought one skein of each colour of madelinetosh Merino Light to make a Different Lines, but after I had done my first Different Lines I was itching to do another Stripe Study instead so I just started, and sent off for another skein of Kelp meanwhile. The brown shade is William Morris. I knitted an extra stripe of Kelp, so it's a very good size.

This being the winter, I mostly knitted it in artificial light, and it was only when I saw a photograph that I really saw the difference in the colours.The first skein is a deep, rich, intense, organic shade of malachite and the second is well, green. I'm torn. I might rip it back and make it a short Study, or I might rip it all and make a Different Lines after all. Or I could decide it's all right really.

I've washed it and hung it to dry, to lengthen it, but I haven't woven in the ends yet because I haven't decided. It's a Christmas present for somebody, but I don't know whom. It feels gorgeous, has that heavenly swing  that  garter-stitch Merino Light has after washing.

My aunt asked for a pink cowl.

She's very elegant, and has a magnet on her fridge which reads, 'My tastes are simple: I only like the best,' so I looked at cashmere at first but then I decided Malabrigo Lace in Damask Rose would be soft and warm, and could be combined with a strand of Kidsilk Haze Spray. Either of these is an absolute pig to knit on its own on these needles, but together they're a joy.

The pattern is the Superior Cowl but I didn't knit the full length. I just knitted until the KSH ran out (not a full ball, just 15 grams) which gave a length of ten inches, which I think is fine. We don't have long necks in our family.

It's certainly simple: let's hope it's the best too. It still needs to be blocked. I'm thinking of knitting her a Stripe Study for her birthday in January, in Wollmeise, shades of purp and pinkle. And yes, I have enough yarn.

Lastly, we have a piece of sheer impulse knitting. I keep seeing thick squishy cowls in my Ravelry Friends' Faves, and I have some Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Chunky which has been burning a hole in my knitting bag. I love Jaeger Matchmaker and scoop it up on eBay from time to time, in interesting shades of grey and sometimes Charcoal. This is shade 302, a very creamy Cream. I don't have a pattern, just cast on 100plus stitches and set off. It's sort of like the lovely Gap-Tastic Cowl, but instead of moss stitch, it's seed stitch (or is the other way round? It depends where you're standing.) because I wanted it to be extra crunchy. It's like knitting crisp snow. I had thought of striping it with charcoal, but I think I'll keep it cream. This is two balls. I don't know who this is for either.

I was thinking of knitting some Christmas present hats, especially after I saw the fiendishly clever Howlcat, but I've asked around and haven't got any takers. This is possibly a good thing.

Moving Pictures
I have quite a lot of pix and clips that I want to show you, but I'll put them up in a day or two. Meanwhile, here are some kittens (and Mum) watching an ice skater on the telly.

There is a sound you can hear on the soundtrack which is either the noise of skates cutting through ice, or the sound of sharp little claws running down a television screen. I hope it's the former. There's a moment where there's an extra bit of light and you can see that they are little golden Bengals.


Raveller said...

Glad you're back! his Stripe Study looks beautiful as is. The colour change looks quite natural to me. Also, I think you were right to beef up the Malabrigo Lace with the Kidsilk. I can just imagine how lovely it feels. Lucky Aunt!

You know I've watched those kittens several times now. I love how the adult cat comes in at the left and sits by, watching with interest, but doesn't get drawn in until the very end when she pulls in closer to the figure.

Joan said...


Jean said...

Helen, of those stripes, for Heaven's sake, it's more then Alright Really, it's all right. Don't touch it.

Mary Lou said...

The stripes look like a natural gradation - leave them be. I'd wear it just like that! And Malabrigo with KSH is lucious. At the shop where I teach we say KSH is the bacon of yarn - everything is better with KSH. And a little bit goes a long way.

Knitting Linguist said...

I love the colors of that stripe study - sooooo nice. And that cowl is gorgeous! You're right to stick to the cream - it's perfect.

Knitting Linguist said...

P.S. That video is too cute! It reminds me of our first cat, who used to sit and try to get at the things inside the TV, until she'd get frustrated, and go around to the back of the television to see if she could get in to grab them from there. Poor thing...

kmkat said...

I had a cat that was fascinated by figure skating on TV... and hockey games. Those little figures sliding around the screen kept him glued to the screen.

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