Wednesday, 29 June 2011

In the Interests of Fairness

Greenpeace used a variation on the Darth Vader ad to attack Volvo over their refusal to sign up for a couple of anti-global-warming laws. 

I'm sorry I can't get the YouTube videos to fit into the blog column. The only way I could improve it would be to change the proportions of the template, and I'm worried that if I do that something terrible might happen and I might have to re-arrange all the posts back to the beginning, so bear with me. As they work their way down the page, they fit better.

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zippiknits said...

It's ok to have word verification. Comment Moderation helps to keep out enemy aliens, too. hehe

I fiddled with the new design mods and also did customizations of the HTML of the YouTubes. Just hack away at the width and height until you get them where you want them.

Sliding those bars in advance design mode isn't too scary, you can reset to defaults.

Play, play, play. But stay out of the widgets until you are better or just more fearless.