Saturday, 19 March 2011


Knitting and Yarn
I've just ripped back the right front of the Debbie Bliss Denim Cardi because I was doing the decreases in the wrong place. Actually, I was doing them in the right place, but apparently I did them wrong on the left front and it's easier to rip back the one I've just started. Since the cardi is knitted in garter stitch, I was expecting the fronts to be identical, but I suppose there's a difference of one row.

I still like it, although when I told a knitter friend the other day that I was nearly finished, she said, 'That's usually when it all starts to go wrong,' and she's right. I'm holding my breath just a little.

The back doesn't look long enough at the armholes and I'll have to review it once I've finished both fronts. The sleeves seem a bit long, especially when you consider that they are still to have a lace border added, but they may shorten when stretched over my arms. The yarn hasn't been hard on my hands at all: I usually find 10o% cotton heavy going but this is plied quite loosely and I can knit with it for hours. Which is a good thing, as I still seem to be snapping it up on eBay and possibly on my way to cornering the market. I wonder if the lace border would look good done in the solid navy, instead of the marl?

Talking about buying yarn on eBay, I've had a search for Wollmeise 100% Merino Superwash in the Barist "O" colourway for some time. I never thought of actually buying it because Wollmeise goes for such astonishing prices, often approaching a hundred pounds for a skein, but it's a very pretty shade and I did like to watch it as shimmered past, beyond my reach. Then one night recently a skein got stuck at about the £22 mark. My eBay bidding instincts kicked in and I snatched it for about £25. Which is only about twice as much as I might have considered spending on a skein of rather special sock yarn.

It is very lovely, and I don't regret it, but I have noticed that this seems to be the going rate for Wollmeise now. What happened? Did she suddenly start dyeing it in truckloads? Is it all fake? Or is it just that nobody has any money?

The blue at the top is really green, but it won't photograph as such. The answer to the obvious question is, I don't know but probably a shawl or some other neck thing.

The Danish crime serial, The Killing, continues. We have two episodes tonight, and then the last two are on next Saturday. Up until now I've been recording it and watching it as a daytime treat on Tuesday or so. I know that next week I won't be able to wait but shall be glued to the television while it is actually broadcasting, something I almost never do, but I'm not sure about tonight.

Will I be able to wait to see Sarah enter yet another dark and abandoned warehouse alone? She's still wearing that jumper, although she occasionally wears another in the reversed colours. At 280 euros, it's far too expensive for someone on a police detective's salary: is she on the take, or did her nice Swedish boyfriend buy it for her? Or is he actually nice? At this stage in the proceedings, I'm suspicious of everyone.

Staying with television, we have a snappy new legal series on BBC2 called Silk, set in a barristers' chambers, to which I seem to have become very attached. I so completely lack the ability to think on my feet that I can only gaze in awe.

Neil Stuke is in it, who doesn't do enough television by my standards (well, he was in the remake of Reggie Perrin, but we're trying to forget that). He used to be in a legal series called Trust which I liked and which only ran for one series; he got to wear better suits in that. Rupert Penry-Jones is in it too; he often plays awfully decent chaps who haven't realized just how incredibly handsome they are, but in this he plays an absolutely copper-bottomed sh*t, who is only too aware of how delicious he is, and how clever. The lead is Maxine Peake, whose character is well up to all of them. It's very tightly written and it's worth watching from the first episode, as a lot happens. Not great art, but very good television. I do hope it gets a second series. I will now have to catch up with North Square, which was another legal series by the same writer, which I missed.

There's much more, but I have to get a couple of things done before The Killing starts. Just in case I decide to watch it tonight.


Anita said...

North Square was fabulous, I loved it! Before kids, I was a criminal defence lawyer and this was very true to life in many ways. I will have to watch our for Silk!

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

fabulous wollmeise colourway. I've noticed prices dropping and far more for sale on Rav. I love Silk it is well written and good to watch:)

Mary Lou said...

I have used and enjoyed that Debbie Bliss Cotton - quite easy on the hands for 100% cotton as you say. What is it the deal with wollmeise? I have never laid eyes on a skein in person. Is is just that it's rare? Thought of my Scottish blog buddies - I watched Whiskey Galore last night.

Mette said...

I ravelled the cotton yarn you mentioned, however it is discontinued. Your cardigan looks great so far. Lovely for summer.