Thursday, 22 October 2009

Post Blocking Puzzle

Helen Raveller had a good idea and suggested that I post a photo of the Puzzle Wrap hanging on the same hanger as before, to show you the post-blocked state. It's crinkled a bit across its width now, instead of fitting exactly, because it's got a bit wider.
Folded, with the crystals still resolutely refusing to twinkle. The crystals I put in Icarus twinkle quite happily, so I don't know what's wrong with these ones.

I've also done one that shows you how it might look when artfully draped.

But I have narrow shoulders and artful draping doesn't always work. We'll see. To recap, this is Sharon Miller's Pink Puzzle Wrap, done in an alternative way with every second row purled so that the pattern turns out much larger and the knitter, if easily confused, doesn't get in such a muddle. It's done in the prescribed yarn, Rowan Kidsilk Haze, in the shade Trance. I had to Photoshop all of these photos because the originals were all too blue, but they're quite close now. I probably shouldn't have made it so long, but I like it and it's better than too short.

I'm going to take the All Seasons Cotton Wrap Top with me, so that I can keep inching up the back. I'm also taking the Golden Gail which isn't finished yet. I wonder if I dare block it at my temporary residence if I finish it in time. I might take something else, maybe Karius, although it isn't much more mentally stimulating than the Wrap Top.

Thanks very much Janet, for the recommendation about The Red Violin. I shall track it down. I caught glimpses of a Chinese version of Hamlet called The Banquet while I was trying to pack, and I want to watch it when I get back. It looked absolutely terrifying. While I was going in and out of the room, I kept hearing the heart-stopping sound of a sword being drawn from its scabbard, and then a dull thud.

That sound has been engraved on my brain ever since I saw La Reine Margot, where it featured rather a lot.

On that cheerful note, I leave you. I'll be back in about a week, although I can't promise when I'll post.


Mary Lou said...

Maybe they just need the right angle of light to twinkle. You'll have to keep spinning around, I guess. I'll have to check out The Banquet. The most disgusting sword noises that stick in my head were from Braveheart, (which I didn't like)

Knitting Linguist said...

It turned out beautifully! And I know it's going to twinkle at the actual event, which is what really matters. Travel safely, and have a wonderful time!

Raveller said...

But are you taking the Puzzle Wrap? Thank you for the extra photos. They really show off the lightness and drape.

fleegle said...

Even if they don't twinkle, the shawl is still stunning. It's difficult to catch twinkle with a camera.

As for the hideous knit, I am not telling. I wouldn't want to hurt the designer's feelings. Really.

fleegle said...

Back again. I have no problem with him getting royalties from legit for-commercial renditions. But I do have problems with people getting fined for playing music to their pets.