Sunday, 3 August 2008

Panic Over

Phew. And thanks very much, grannypurple. I was sitting at the pc, thinking of nothing in particular, and there drifted into my mind a picture of the swatch I started knitting in January, which I had thought might turn into a scarf (a swarf?) and which consisted of different shades of Kidsilk Haze worked in garter stitch on different sizes of needles, and I remembered that the first stripe consisted of Meadow.

I burrowed through the heap on the sofa and found it, very near the bottom, and merrily ripped it apart. It's true what they say about ripping Kidsilk but I managed it and had the shawl finished in a trice. No, really, a trice. I haven't blocked it yet because although my back is a lot better I think it will be worth waiting another day or two before I do anything as backbreaking as pinning out a shawl on the bed, but it's good to take quiet looks at it and know that it's finished.

This has nothing do with knitting, but it made me laugh.
If you can't see the whole caption, click on the picture.


grannypurple said...

So glad your problem solved itself. Love the big cats! Gorgeous shawl.

Roobeedoo said...

Helen, granny needs to suck eggs! Tacking would obviously be the right thing to do. This project is a real "back to school" blouse - my sewing teacher must be spinning in her grave!

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, excellent! I'm so glad you found the extra bit you needed to wrap that one up. And I'm laughing pretty hard here at that picture :)

Kate said...

Love that LOL Cat! H.I. thought it was worth a chuckle too.

Excellent save on the shawl. I don't tend to do swatches or, if I do one, I then pull it out and start the item with the yarn rather than save the swatch. The unblocked item looks beautifully light and airy. Every now and then i wish we had longer winters so I could get more bang for my knitting buck!

Knitting Linguist said...

I just had to add, I hope my misadventures with lace knitting don't put you off giving it a try -- it's not so bad, really! (Does that sound like a pitiful effort to suck you down into a hole with me? It's not, truly.) And I know Rick will be pleased that someone appreciates his efforts in my time of need :)

married for keeps said...

how fun! i just visited your blog for the first time! inspires me to pick up the needles again!

Judith said...

Movie recommendation: I've just watched The Music Box
and cannot praise it enough. Riveting enough to make me stop knitting!It was on ITV3 some weeks ago and I almost deleted it without watching but am so glad I did not. Some of the reviews on IMDb have a lot of spoilers but it is highly praised there.