Friday, 25 July 2008

Back - in both senses

I meant to be back here sooner, not least in order to talk about The Poisoner, Judith. But when I got up on Sunday I couldn't, get up I mean. I could lie or sit, or scuttle, but I couldn't stand up straight or walk. I saw the osteopath on Tuesday and I am much better, but I think it's going to be another few days before I can catch up with things and write a post.
Don't worry, though: I can still read, knit and operate a remote control so things aren't desparate.

The osprey chicks have both taken off and spend a lot of time in neighbouring trees, practising going backwards and forwards. Neither of them has come back with a fish yet.

Estelle Getty died this week, of an awful degenerative sort of dementia so presumably it came under the heading of a blessed release. This is from happier times.

Picture this - Sicily, 1922...


Knitting Linguist said...

I hope you really are feeling better -- that sounds like no fun at all! The knitting is looking wonderful, though... ;)

juliet said...

ouch that sounds no fun at all - I hope you are put back together/mend very soon. I love the forest canopy in that colour - the jade sort of hue is just yummy - one of my favourite colours for things, delectable. Estelle Getty was THE reason to watch the Golden Girls - the whole family used to howl with laughter because of her, she was fab and demntia is such a cruel disease.

nellie said...

Hope you are feeling much better today.
Estelle Getty was wonderful, I still enjoy re-runs of The Golden Girls again & again.

Raveller said...

I really hope you're feeling better soon! That pale green shawl looks luscious! It's really coming along! Best wishes, Helen