Tuesday, 17 June 2008


I found myself wandering around Etsy on Sunday, which is usually a mistake. My excuse was that I 'needed' to see if anyone was selling a case for circular needles that didn't keep them all curled up. I like the one that Jean has, but in my usual shallow magpie-ish way, I want one made with suitably artistic fabric. I would once have made one for myself in five minutes but the sewing machine is too much for me these days so I surf Etsy instead, without any success. I did find some stitch markers though, at Eastern Sky. I don't usually buy stitch markers because I like to make my own ( shallow magpie again) but she had this very pretty glass heart which I couldn't resist.

And there's not much point in buying one stitch marker, so I got these as well.

They look good together.

It turns out she has a jewellery shop too, the Magpie Tree, so a pair of earrings wouldn't go amiss, would it?

These are pale green fluorite with oxidised silver. I like them but I may keep them for a present for someone who wears more green than I do.

These are some of my own stitch markers - I always like the idea of being understated, but I fail at the execution.

I made the two dangly ones with the tiny turquoise beads to mark the centre stitch on my Shetland Triangle. I felt it was quite a pity to remove them when I finished it.

I got these Miffy beads recently, but I haven't made them into markers yet. I love Miffy, and have a black tee shirt with a diamanté Miffy on the front which I like rather more than I feel it is healthy to like a tee shirt.

I also have a Miffy badge where she is carrying a big blue pencil: there is one available of her knitting, but the blue pencil is pretty appropriate to me too.

There's a Japanese book of Miffy knitting patterns which crops up from time to time, but I have resisted it so far.

Talking of badges, the Knitting Goddess is selling some good knitting ones in her eBay shop: I think this is my favourite.

I have a saved search in eBay for the Tap Dancing Lizard, Mary Lou, so they notify me whenever one is listed. I got that one for an excellent price because the seller hadn't put the magic word 'knitting' in the title so lots of people missed it.

While I was looking for Miffy stuff, I found a blogger called MiffyRabbit, who in turn led me to this film which ties in with what I mentioned yesterday about turning some lights off. Great minds, eh?

It's very clever, a knitted animation called Don't Let It All Unravel. The music drives some people nuts but you can always turn it off.


Knitting Linguist said...

That's a great animation -- I'm going to have to pass that one on. And I love the badge! It is exactly the kind of thing that would make another knitter laugh out loud, but that no one else would understand.

Knitting Linguist said...

Hi -- I just wanted to say thanks so much for the kind comment on my Atticus post, and for that great link! Those are some darling kittens. I do think we'll pull the trigger sooner rather than later...