Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Pink Forest Canopy

I started another Forest Canopy after all. I decided this was not the time to start Icarus, without careful yarn selection and considerable thought and preparation. I also thought I didn't want to start Icarus just now because I didn't fancy the Big Boring Bit at the beginning, but it looks like I might have got that wrong.
This is another Fyberspates sock yarn: I've still got the label for this one and it's 75% wool with 25% nylon, but I don't know what the colour is called. Do click. It was in the Sock Club a year or two ago. It's pinks with some lavender and a bit of ginger, hot and sweet, but I think they're close enough to each other that they won't fight and distract from the lace, and they're in short enough bits that they don't pool. The second picture is more accurate for colour and was taken in a flash of sunshine this afternoon. The needles are Addi Lace 4mm circs and I want to be buried with them.

The second skein of Lagoon is on its way, for finishing the first Forest Canopy, and I have a powerful hunch that it is going to be the wrong weight. If I had considered this possibility on Friday, there would have been much gnashing of teeth, but I think I can handle it now. And I might have learnt a valuable lesson; i.e. don't start a project that relies on hand-dyed yarn unless you know you have enough.

I did my first ever piece of lace knitting about 18 months ago (I don't count the acres of Feather and Fan that I did while I was getting my nerve up) and I was in such a hurry to block it and see what it looked like that I tore it off the needles after only 10 repeats, so it's quite tiny. It's Evelyn Clark's Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style, and I did it in Jamieson's Ultra in Iceberg, a pale turquoise. And yes, I have turquoise sheets too. It's that blue thing again.

I have lots of the yarn left over and every now and again I wonder if it would be madness to unpick the cast-off and rip the border, and pick it up again and make a decent-sized shawl. Or would the tension between the old blocked bit and the new bit never even up? I expect not.

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Emily said...

Who knows - but isn't Jamieson's Ultra lovely...